Colin Kaepernick And Nike

Sep 5, 2018

Nike is catching a lot of press for selecting former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the face of a new "Just Do It" ad campaign. 

The reaction that followed was as you'd expect in a polarized America - split between Trump supporters angry that football players would kneel during the national anthem and Kaepernick supporters who applaud his courage to kneel against police brutality and racism - even as it may have cost him his job. 

Despite threats of a boycott, sneaker burnings and at least one man cutting the Nike logo off his socks, Nike is betting that Kaepernick could be a powerful voice for social change - especially since an NFL-appointed arbitrator gave new life to Kaepernick's collusion lawsuit against the NFL. 


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Colin McEnroe, Chion Wolf, Jonathan McNicol contributed to this show.