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City of Hartford And Former Stadium Developer Battle Over Equipment

Apr 5, 2017

The Yard Goats are scheduled to open play on April 13 at Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford. But a lawsuit between the city and the ballpark’s former developers has caused problems in the run-up to opening day.

In a court filing earlier this week, city lawyers told a judge that Hartford needed access to a building in which it housed some equipment it has stored for use at the ballpark.  The city called the equipment “absolutely essential” in order for the ballpark to be ready on opening day.

But the building is leased to the stadium’s former developer, Centerplan Companies.

And Centerplan refused the city’s request to access the building, because it had yet to outline a plan for mediation in the company’s ongoing lawsuit with the city of Hartford. That’s what led to the current fight. 

Nevertheless, the city has said that there’s no real cause for concern.

"Although we can't imagine why Centerplan would deny the city access to its own property stored at the data center, our attorneys will take care of it, and nothing about this dispute will keep the ballpark from opening on time — to a sellout crowd — on April 13," said Director of Development Services for the City of Hartford Sean Fitzpatrick.

The two sides are scheduled to be in front of a judge in Hartford Superior Court Thursday morning, unless they reach a deal first.

UPDATE: The mayor’s office says that the issue was resolved yesterday. The city will be able to access the equipment from Centerplan, and the issue won't get in the way of opening day.