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Children's Book Authors, Illustrators Visit Newtown

Jun 5, 2014

Some of America's favorite children’s book authors will visit Newtown this weekend including the creators of Diary of A Wimpy Kid, Ella Enchanted, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. They’ll go to schools and talk with students on Friday and participate Saturday in panels and workshops.

Students in town are also invited to submit writing and drawing which will eventually be published in a book alongside stories and art by the professionals.

Author and illustrator Ross MacDonald lives in Newtown. He said kids have stories to tell, too. "Part of this," he said, "is we want to hear those stories as well. Their favorite authors and illustrators will be in that book with them, so they’re going to see it. Its not just their teacher sitting there grading it."

One author came up with the idea for the first children’s book festival last year, just months after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Organizers say they hope the book festival becomes an annual event and something positive that Newtown can be remembered for.