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Case Involving Connecticut Trans Athletes Dismissed

Apr 26, 2021

Several female high school athletes from Connecticut sued their school districts and a state sports body last year because they felt competing against transgender student-athletes was unfair. Sunday night, that lawsuit was dismissed.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs had argued that a Connecticut policy allowing athletes to compete according to the gender they identify with violates Title IX.

A federal court judge has thrown out the lawsuit, saying the dispute over the Connecticut policy is moot now that the two trans athletes at the center of the lawsuit have graduated high school.

He also said there’s no indication that other trans student-athletes will compete against any of the plaintiffs any time soon.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs say they’ll appeal the dismissal.

The U.S. Department of Justice once backed the lawsuit – but shortly after the Biden administration took the White House, it withdrew support. Despite this change in federal policy, individual states like Arkansas and Tennessee are now enacting restrictions for transgender youth.