Blumenthal: "I Won't Be Distracted By Those Bullying Tweets"

Aug 9, 2017

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has become the center of President Trump's recent vacation tweet-storm -- and it's not the first time Trump has called the senator out for misrepresenting his service in Vietnam. 

Blumenthal says these tweets won't distract him from creating legislation to prevent the president from firing special prosecutor Robert Mueller. 

This hour, we talk Blumenthal, a climate change report that was leaked to The New York Times, Trump's opioid update, and more sophisticated nukes in North Korea. 

We also check in on the 2018 races, and of course the state budget. 


  • Mark Pazniokas - Capitol Bureau Chief at the Connecticut Mirror 
  • Leah Wright-Rigueur - Assistant Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Author of The Loneliness of the Black Republican
  • Russell Blair - Reporter on the Hartford Courant's Metro Desk

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