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Blumenthal Among Those Targeted In Trump Campaign Counterattack

Mar 27, 2019

"Treasonous" is a word President Donald Trump is now using to describe claims that he or those in his orbit conspired with Russian officials during the 2016 election. His re-election campaign is urging television news outlets to have second thoughts about booking some of the president's harshest critics, including Connecticut U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

It's all part of the counterattack by Trump and his allies now that special counsel Robert Mueller, as  reported by Attorney General William Barr, has concluded his investigation without finding that "the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia."

This week, we debate whether the president's outrage is by any means justified. Blumenthal certainly doesn't think so.

We also examine new calls for the U.S. Supreme Court to address partisan gerrymandering, and for Connecticut to do away with state party conventions.

And as state lawmakers consider legalizing recreational marijuana, how much are they worrying about how cities will grapple with a potentially greater demand for more addiction treatment and other services? Live from our New Haven studio, we ponder that as well.


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