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Big Plans on Campus: CSCU Prepares For The Fall Semester

Jul 9, 2020

College campuses across the country are preparing to reopen in the fall. But with the potential for a second wave of coronavirus infections, students and staff are being asked to be flexible. This hour, we’re speaking with students, faculty and leaders throughout the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system on what it will take to reopen campus in the fall. 

What will a hybrid online/in person college class look like? How do you practice social distancing in a college dorm room?

If you are a student or staff member at one of the state colleges or universities, we want to hear from you.


  • Alex Rooney - a rising junior at Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Asma Rahimyar - a rising senior at Southern Connecticut State University 
  • President Zulma Toro - Central Connecticut State University 
  • Professor Christopher Douçot - professor of sociology and peace studies at Central Connecticut State University and University of Hartford.
  • Dr. G. Duncan Harris -  Chief Executive Officer Capital Community College