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Bernie On The Rise; COVID-19 Inches Closer To A Pandemic; Sports Cheating

Feb 24, 2020

Bernie Sanders won a decisive victory in last week's Nevada caucuses after effectively tying with Pete Buttigieg in the less diverse states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Is he the candidate that can beat President Trump? Or the one who will lead the Democratic Party down the road to ruin? It depends on who you talk to. 

Also this hour: More than 70,000 people have been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, a novel form of coronavirus, since the first cases were confirmed in Wuhan, China, at the end of December. Significant outbreaks in multiple countries in the recent days have led health officials to worry that the virus is on the brink of becoming a pandemic.

Lastly, the brazen sign stealing scandal that tainted the Houston Astros' World Series win in 2017, and near-win in 2019, is part of a bigger pattern of cheating in sports that is a symptom of something we see throughout our culture: crime pays. The lack of accountability in sports and culture has led to brazen cheating at the expense of fair play and a collective moral compass. 


  • Edward-Isaac Dovere - Staff writer at The Atlantic and host of The Ticket podcast
  • Lena Sun - National health reporter for The Washington Post
  • Michael Baumann - Covers sports, culture, and politics for The Ringer and hosts The Ringer MLB Show

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Colin McEnroe and Cat Pastor contributed to this show.