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Arts And Ideas: Our Changing Economic Narrative

Jul 5, 2017

Last year’s election was exhausting, for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which was the endless stream of narratives trying to explain the motivation of voters who, to be frank, seemed pretty pissed off. 

They were upset about the quality of their jobs, or maybe that they didn’t have jobs, or that those jobs had been sent overseas, or that those jobs had been taken by someone here illegally. Others were upset by the power imbalance in the country, about Wall Street, about the “one-percenters” who don’t understand what real Americans’ lives are like.

When a reporter, or a pollster asked them about these fears and concerns, it played out over and over again with a simple answer: “the economy.” But then what happened? Russia, leaks, wiretapping claims, and a stream of other issues have kept those very issues that were so important last year from being addressed. This hour, a Wheelhouse special conversation taped at the Arts and Ideas Festival in New Haven. 


  • Robert Shiller - Nobel Prize winning Economics Professor at Yale University
  • Dan Haar - Blogger and Columnist at the Hartford Courant