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Are You Very Superstitious? Or A Little Stitious?

Mar 5, 2021

Whether you’re superstitious or, as Michael Scott from The Office says, “a little stitious”, on today’s show about superstitions, you’ll learn a lot about humanity.

The author of a book about superstitions from around the world joins us, as well as an expert about anxiety on the difference between superstitious beliefs and OCD or trauma responses.

You’ll hear superstitions from Lauren Komrosky, Katy Tierney, Benn Grippo, Hassan Hodges, Tracy Mind Evolution Caldwell, Caroline Finnegan, Christina Solem, Eileen Ruiz, Mike Ferguson, Cynthia Rojas, Dawn Ennis, Wendy Allerton, and Shawn Lang.

Finally, what happened when a filmmaker broke as many superstitions as he could in one day?

Here's the extended version of my converstation with author D.R. McElroy:

Connecticut Public Radio/WNPR · Audacious Extended: DR McElroy on Superstitions

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Catie Talarski contributed to this show.