White Flower Farm for Garden Happiness on Earth Day

Apr 22, 2015

We're itching to be surrounded by gorgeous summer flowers in pots, window boxes and in the garden. That's why we're thrilled to feature the incomparable White Flower Farm of Litchfield, Conn., and an online distributor, to discuss what's new and beautiful. 

In addition, because this show takes place on Earth Day and during fundraising, White Flower Farm is partnering with us. In exchange for your contribution to support WNPR programs you enjoy, White Flower Farm will send you a $25 gift certificate you can use online or at the Litchfield Garden Center.

Pay special attention to news about the wisteria that blooms quickly. Sit back and enjoy as you finally turn your full attention to the promise of summer.

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  • Barbara Pierson – nursery manager, White Flower Farm


  • “Gne Gne,” Montefiori Cocktail

Lori Mack and Jonathan McNicol contributed to this show.