In Wake of Controversy, Hartford Treasurer Makes Changes

Nov 5, 2013

Hartford City Treasurer Adam Cloud.
Credit City of Hartford

Once a federal grand jury enters the picture, every little detail counts.

And so.

Yesterday, we told you that Hartford city auditors issued their report on Treasurer Adam Cloud and Hybrid Insurance Group. Among other things, they found that Cloud and finance officials ignored standard operating procedure when they wired more than $800,000 to Hybrid's troubled CEO Earl O'Garro. 

He was supposed to use all of that money to pay the city's insurance premiums.  That didn't happen. 

In that story, Council President Shawn Wooden said this: "And it's my understanding that the treasurer's office has already put additional measures in place to ensure that this never happens again." 

So we asked Cloud -- what kind of measures?

And here they are, in the form of a form

Going forward, anyone who wants to wire money will have to use it.