Q Poll: Economy Top Issue In Governor Race; Candidates Say Little About The Environment

Oct 10, 2018

Two issues continue to dominate this year's race for governor: taxes and the economy.

That notion has been reinforced by the latest Quinnipiac University poll. Of the likely voters surveyed, 31% said the economy was their chief concern, while 26% said it was taxes.

Climate change wasn't even an issue listed in the poll question. It's also been left largely unaddressed by those running for governor this year.

That's despite a new report by a scientific panel of the United Nations. It warns that cataclysmic impacts of rising temperatures will come sooner than most expect. With sea levels rising, there's a lot at stake for Connecticut's coastal communities and its insurance industry. Beyond that, green jobs could play a vital role in lifting the state out of its economic doldrums.

Also getting little attention is the two proposed state constitutional amendments that will be on the Nov. 6th ballot. We brief listeners about them, and prepare for the kickoff of a new Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking tour set to make a stop in Connecticut. Will there be a sellout crowd or lots of empty seats?


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