Previewing Malloy's State Of The State And A New Legislative Session

Feb 7, 2018

At noon on Wednesday, Governor Dannel Malloy is delivering his final budget address to the Connecticut General Assembly. He’s already leaked a large part of what he would like to do: cut state aid to certain rich towns, lend a hand to Connecticut taxpayers hurt by the federal tax changes, and make it more expensive to drive on state highways, so we can afford to fix them. 

But is the legislature likely to listen to him as it looks toward the November election, when Republicans hope to finally wrestle control away from the Democrats?

Congress continues on with its own power struggle. And today, we also talk about whether these memos filtering out of the House Judiciary Committee have put us on a fast track toward internal combustion, or are just part of another week of dysfunction in Washington.


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Scott Brede contributed to this show.