Pensions, Plates and Beyond: a Gazetteer of State Foolishness

Feb 8, 2011

What's the impact on the state pension fund when a low-paid legislator moves to a high-paid administration job? We like this piece on "pension spikes" from a policy blog

But maybe it doesn't matter, because we're not really making any serious attempt to fund that whole system.

Plategate has sparked all kinds of Proustian remembrances. 

Charlie Monagan remembers Meskill's Theorem. 

Greg Hladky remember's Weicker's dislike of plate pork.

And Brad Davis remembers the plate he got from Rowland. (Seriously.)

Paz provides a Plateology 101.

Kevin Rennie, the Walter Winchell of this story, notes that a member of the ethics board (sigh) got a plate. 

Mayor (and voice of sanity) Pedro Segarra ( says Hartford doesn't have $2.7 million to give out in school system bonuses. You think?