Nudism: No Shoes, No Shirt... No Problem!

May 12, 2015

There are many kinds of nudism - or naturism. There are people who just like doing stuff while not wearing clothes. And there are those who believe there are hygiene benefits. And people who link nudism with various utopian movements that break down barriers among people.

And there are people who believe in de-stigmatizing the parts of the human anatomy ordinarily covered by a bathing. The way this plays out in life, therefore, is that some naturists just want the chance to live in the raw in fairly private settings.

And then you get people who want to do, let's say, nude hiking, where there's at least a chance you're going to run into somebody clothed -- a "textile" as they're sometimes called in nudist slang.

And then you get people who really want to be, as the Doobie Brothers said, takin' it to the streets. 

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This episode originally aired on July 10, 2012.