Live From Watkinson School: The Legacy Of Brian Wilson

Feb 15, 2017

Brian Wilson is, in many regards, the perfect musical artist for this moment. We need, for a dozen different reasons, the sweetness and sun of his best-known music. But what makes him more relevant is that undercurrent of melancholy which grew more and more prominent as his music grew less commercial. Who in 2017 does not identify with "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times," a song he wrote and recorded 51 years ago?

On the first of this month, we gathered singers, musicologists and scholarly fans on a stage at Watkinson School. It was a happy, song-filled evening, as you'll hear in this show.

Special thanks to Jenni French at Watkinson School, Josh Dobson, and the Event Resources crew.

Listen to the entire, unedited version of this show.


  • Steve Metcalf - Music critic, journalist, president of the President's College of the University of Hartford
  • Jordan Quisno - Singer with the Hartt Theater Program
  • Matt Sargent - Composer, musician, and teacher at Bard College and the University of Hartford
  • Teri Schrader - Head of Watkinson School

Chion Wolf and Jonathan McNicol contributed to this show.