DeLauro Attacks Trump Plan To Revamp Federal Food Assistance

Mar 11, 2018

President Donald Trump’s 2019 budget proposal contains radical changes for people who receive food assistance. In it, there was a cut of $213.5 billion over 10 years to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

It also would replace cash benefits for some people, with pre-selected food in something called a Harvest Box.

“The box is unlikely to include any fresh fruits, vegetables, or any nutritious items,” United States Representative Rosa DeLauro said. “Also, imagine if the box doesn’t come on a day when you expect it to arrive. Suppose you have a storm like we’ve had in the last couple of weeks here in New Haven. Suppose you get a box full of food that you are allergic to.”

DeLauro is fighting the cuts. She said that one in eight Connecticut residents receive SNAP benefits.

“This is an attack on a person’s dignity,” DeLauro said. “It really is unconscionable to take people’s benefits away where they can go and they can pick out the food that they and their family can eat.”

DeLauro expects the conversation to pick up on SNAP when congress talks about the farm bill in the next few weeks.