Connecticut Senators Sponsor Ghost Gun Ban Bill

Aug 3, 2018

Connecticut’s U.S. senators are co-sponsoring legislation to block the availability of downloadable blueprints for the creation of plastic guns. A temporary injunction is currently preventing access to the blueprints, which a Texas group, Defense Distributed, wants to make available.

Blumenthal told a press conference in Hartford Friday an injunction is not enough.

“My legislation would ban any weapon or gun without a serial number. It would ban any manufacture or making of any gun without a license,” he said.

Blumenthal does not expect a vote on the legislation until next month. He says he hopes to attract bipartisan support for the measure.

Pastor Marichal Monts of the Citadel of Love church in Hartford said the ability to manufacture undetectable guns would be disastrous for the fight against gun violence.

“The last thing that our communities and our country needs right now is the ability to access gun making kits online," said Monts. "We definitely don’t need to make access to guns easier, but if anything, more stringent.”

Connecticut is one of eight states that have brought a lawsuit to try to force the federal government to stop the release of the blueprints.

Meanwhile, several Democratic state lawmakers are calling for a special session of the Connecticut General Assembly to consider legislation banning so-called ghost guns.

State Representative Andy Fleischmann says he's asking his fellow legislators to sign a petition to bring the General Assembly into special session. He says they should pass legislation to make private gun production illegal.

Such a bill was considered by the legislature last session, but failed to pass.