Are Board Games Hip Again?

Sep 27, 2011

Board game sales have steadily risen during the last decade, even in years when everything-else-sales were falling.

That's probably caused by a combination of factors, starting with the relatively low cost of the games. You pay twenty or thirty bucks and you get a game you can play over and over. If you lose your job and have to drop your high speed internet service, the board game still works. If you lose your power, the game still works. If you can't afford cable, the board game still works.

Board games also seem to fit with the modern hipster ethos, which exalts retro stuff like typewriters and and old fixed gear bikes.

The other way to look at it is that we've been playing board games of some sort since pretty much the  dawn of civilization . Maybe for a few years, when everything went digital, we forgot how much fun it was to sit face to face and touch the actual physical pieces.

Today, board games are back. Are they getting hip again?

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