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Title IX

Jun 25, 2012
Chion Wolf

Title IX is 40 years old this week...and slowly over that time, it’s meant a big boost in Women’s athletics.

Just to give you some idea - there are nearly 10 times as many high school girls playing organized sports today as there were the year the law went into effect. At the college level, nearly half of the athletic scholarships go to female athletes.

J Holt

Late last week it looked certain that Hartford's last remaining duckpin bowling center would close, as its owner faced mounting expenses and changing priorities. But one day after a last ditch effort to save Highland Bowl failed, the historic business experienced a dramatic turnaround. WNPR's J Holt was there.

Native American Mascot Controversy

Jun 21, 2012
Keith Allison (Flickr Creative Commons)

We’ve got the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Hall High Warriors. So what’s in a name?

Hall High School in West Hartford has decided to change their logo, which previously depicted a profile view of a Native American. They will still be known as the “Warriors,” but without the Native American connection.

Matthew Kenwrick (Flickr Creative Commons)

Today, the Traveler’s Championship week kicks off in Connecticut. It was known for years as the Greater Hartford Open...the GHO. It’s always raised lots of money for charities and always attracted thousands of visitors. But on a few occasions in its history, it has almost gone away. The corporate community stepped in once again - with a local title sponsor - and the tournament is expected to mean nearly $30 million to the local economy.

Lenny Baker / Creative Commons

Three stars in their fields sit down for interesting conversation—interior designer Bunny Williams, sports essayist Frank Deford, and flutist Ransom Wilson.

Chion Wolf

Some weeks are inexplicably more scandalous than others.

This week began with a probe into millions of dollars in apparent bribes by Walmart officials in Mexico. And sitting alongside it was the slime spreading across the reputation of the Secret Service as more reports of strippers and club hijinks trickled in from all over the globe.

Five-Time Olympic Archer Giving It One More Shot

Apr 22, 2012
Teresa Iaconi

After five Olympic games, Butch Johnson’s peers hail him as a Superman in the world of archery.

But Johnson is more of a Clark Kent. Tall and broad-shouldered, this resident of Woodstock, Conn. isn’t much of a talker. Nor is he much of a self-promoter.

Over the course of his career, Johnson accumulated 46 national championships. This year, he's shooting to qualify for the Olympics in London, but he made his first Olympic trip in 1992. Since then, he's returned to the games four more times.

New Britain Rock Cats

Apr 10, 2012

Ten years ago, there were three AA-level Minor League Baseball teams in Connecticut. Today, only one remains. The Rock Cats just started its 30th consecutive season of playing in New Britain. Last month, New Britain Double Play, LLC was introduced as the new owners of the franchise led by Josh Solomon and his siblings.

Baseball in the '60s

Apr 10, 2012
Cavalier92 (Flickr Creative Commons)

Baseball is a sport that revels in nostalgia. Get most American men over a certain age talking about the sport - especially in the spring - and you’ll hear about “the good old days” of trips to the ballpark...told in almost poetic terms.

But in the late '60s, as America was changing, so was baseball. It still held its place as the “national pastime” - a daily ritual that could cross racial and economic lines to bring people together - but it was already quickly being surpassed by football in popularity.

Athletes over Fifty

Apr 3, 2012

Today's show was the brainchild of producer Betsy Kaplan, but it seems like something I might have thought up, just to deal with some (de)pressing problems in my life. I'm 57. I have arthritis in both knees. One of the magazines I write for wants me to do, this fall, a Gran Fondo, a bike ride of more than 100 miles with a significant elevation change.

I'm literally not sure I can.

But all around me are examples of athletes over 50 doing remarkable things.

Real Life Survival Guide Episode 36

Mar 4, 2012
Kim Grehn

Episode 36 was a bit of a college reunion; joining us my were fellow Hobart grads, New York Times Tech columnist Bob Tedeschi and ESPN producer Steve Petyerak. Rounding out this manly conclave: cohost Duo Dickinson, software engineer Justin Gill, and rugby coach and new media man John Broker.

Chion Wolf

There’s no sports market in the United States quite like Connecticut.