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Brief Outbreak Of Tolls Debate Marks Bond Commission Meeting

Apr 16, 2020
Patrick Skahill / Connecticut Public Radio

The unifying crisis of the coronavirus pandemic didn’t prevent the tolls debate from resurfacing Thursday at the state Capitol.

Lamont Says Truck Tolls Off The Table, Senate Dems Hedge

Feb 19, 2020
Gov. Ned Lamont said Wednesday he'd "take a pause" on pushing for tolls in the 2020 legislative session, blaming other Democratic lawmakers in Connecticut for failing to come to an agreement on a trucks-only toll vote.
Frankie Graziano / Connecticut Public Radio

Gov. Ned Lamont effectively gave up Wednesday on Senate Democrats ever calling a promised vote on truck tolls, scolding fellow Democrats and telling reporters his administration was ready to explore alternative funding sources for transportation. But Senate Democratic leaders protested they would have been ready to vote next week, a claim Lamont did not find credible.

The Tolls Saga Continues As Democrats Postpone Vote

Feb 18, 2020
Cars pass under toll sensor gantries hanging over the Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton, Mass.
Elise Amendola / Associated Press

Faced with the threat of a 30-hour debate by the Republican minority and a less-than-certain game plan by the Democratic majority, lawmakers have put off tentative plans for a Thursday vote on tolls legislation until at least next week, the top Senate leader said Tuesday night.

Democrats Promise Passage Of Truck Tolls In Two Weeks

Feb 2, 2020
Elizabeth Hamilton / CT Mirror

Senate and House Democratic leaders said Friday afternoon the General Assembly will vote on a tractor-trailer  tolls bill the week of Feb. 10, though they have not resolved a small detail that loomed large Thursday night when they cancelled a special session slated for next week: Which chamber will vote first?

“That remains to be determined,” said Senate President Pro Tem Martin M. Looney of New Haven.

Frankie Graziano / Connecticut Public Radio

It now appears there will be no special session on truck tolls ahead of the regular General Assembly session that starts Wednesday.  

Democrats had been planning for a truck tolls vote Monday or Tuesday.

Cars pass under toll sensor gantries hanging over the Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton, Mass.
Elise Amendola / Associated Press

Gov. Ned Lamont and the General Assembly took two significant steps late Monday toward ordering electronic tolls on large trucks that travel Connecticut’s highways.

Lamont announced a compromise deal on a new state bond package — a prerequisite for any tolls vote — that curtails borrowing for non-transportation projects, but not as sharply as the governor envisioned in the “debt diet” he unveiled last February.

No Hearing On Truck Tolls Or CT2030 Before Next Week

Jan 21, 2020
Chion Wolf / WNPR

House and Senate Democratic leaders said they hope to finalize a tractor trailer tolls bill at a meeting Tuesday afternoon with the administration of Gov. Ned Lamont, then schedule a public hearing for next week on Lamont’s 10-year, $19 billion infrastructure plan.

The leaders originally said they planned to make the legislation public Tuesday, but they expect some revisions after the meeting, meaning the bill’s public release is unlikely before Wednesday.

Chion Wolf / Connecticut Public Radio

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