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Katherine May / Penguin Random House

Here in Connecticut, surviving long winters means getting plenty of sleep, extra vitamin D supplements and leaning into our favorite winter activities.

This hour, we talk with author Katherine May about her book Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times and the act of wintering. 

Photos: Winter Storm Hits Connecticut

Dec 17, 2020
Joe Amon / Connecticut Public/NENC

A winter storm arrived in Connecticut overnight and accumulated fast. Snow continued to pile up into the morning of Dec. 17, and residents woke to a blanket of fine, fresh snow. Some towns measured up to 15 inches. Whipping winds made for a frigid start to the day, but not everyone stayed indoors. See photos from across the state of municipal workers, businesses and residents cleaning up and digging out, people going about their day, and some braving the elements to enjoy the first nor’easter of the year.