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Chion Wolf

Samuel Amadon is a poet who grew up just outside of Hartford. He left for college, and grad school, but kept finding himself coming back to the capital city. Now he teaches in South Carolina, and has recently published “The Hartford Book” – a collection of gritty poems he wrote about his time living in and around Hartford.

(I)NTERVIEW: Tommy Simpson

Jan 10, 2012

Tommy Simpson agreed to be interviewed for our MLAB101 series on October 11th, 2011.  He came to the interview with an ample portfolio, and a few of his published works.

Tommy Simpson is an artist, woodworker, sculptor, furniture maker, painter and poet.  Internationally acknowledged for his work, he is a true original in the art community.  

Paper Trails: Beautiful & Pointless

Nov 2, 2011
Tom McGhee

Why read poetry? So asks New York Times poetry critic David Orr. And his answer is that you don't have to. Poetry does not give us courage, or change the world, or save lives. But that does not mean it can't change your life.