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Twice this week, unionized workers have shut down streets around the capitol in protest of Gov. Ned Lamont’s state budget plans.

Most recently, long-term care workers and members of New England Health Care Employees Union District 1199, SEIU staged a picket Thursday afternoon outside the state Office of Policy and Management in Hartford. 

Ryan Caron King / Connecticut Public Radio

Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration is one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana after Senate Bill 888, proposed by the governor himself, was voted out of the state’s judiciary committee on Tuesday. 

Senate Extends Lamont's COVID-19 Emergency Powers

Mar 30, 2021
Sen. Martin Looney addresses a chamber nearly empty due to COVID-19 precautions.
Mark Pazniokas /

A day after the state Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of Connecticut’s emergency power laws, the Senate voted Tuesday for final passage of a bill that ratifies Gov. Ned Lamont’s pandemic declarations and extends his authority by one month until May 20.

Tyler Russell / Connecticut Public

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont on his push to reopen and to vaccinate Connecticut. With variants of the disease appearing in the state, is this the time to loosen restrictions?

Plus, a gambling expansion deal was reached between the state and Connecticut’s two casino-owning tribes. What hurdles are left to clear?

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The former manager of communications and government relations for the state Department of Public Health filed a wrongful termination lawsuit Tuesday against the department, citing violations to whistleblower protections.

Av Harris, who had held the position since early 2019 and had served the state in other roles for nearly a decade, alleges that his rights were violated when his former employer fired him on New Year’s Eve. 

Ned Lamont's Year In The Shadow Of COVID

Mar 5, 2021
Gov. Ned Lamont. On the wall behind him is a Normal Rockwell original, "Right to Know."
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Hanging behind Gov. Ned Lamont’s desk is the painting “Right to Know.” Norman Rockwell completed it in 1968, years after the artist best known for folksy Saturday Evening Post illustrations had turned to serious themes, including distrust in government.

A Choreographed COVID Shot For Lamont

Feb 16, 2021
Gov. Ned Lamont looks at the syringe Patrice Marriott  Trinity Health of New England is about to administer at First Cathedral in Bloomfield.
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Everything about the COVID-19 vaccination of Gov. Ned Lamont in a Black megachurch in Bloomfield on Tuesday was calculated to maximize its political and public-health impact — as well as protect Connecticut’s 67-year-old governor.

Gov. Ned Lamont described his proposed budget as a reflection of Connecticut’s shared values, an assessment certain to provoke dissent among progressives demanding tax equity and non-profits seeking higher reimbursements for a range of services delivered by front-line workers.


In the first half of the show, Connecticut Mirror budget reporter (and budget guru) Keith Phaneuf previews Governor Ned Lamont's 2-year state taxing and spending plan. The proposal is being released later today. In the short term, things are better than they appeared back in the spring. But the state still faces a fiscal slog in the long term.

In the second half of the show, UConn Professor Christopher Vials considers lessons learned from four years with Donald Trump in the oval office. American democracy survived, but is it in worse shape than it was four years ago? Is a second impeachment the right path for the country?

Gov. Ned Lamont
Joe Amon / Connecticut Public

Gov. Ned Lamont will propose a lean, $46 billion, two-year budget Wednesday that relies heavily on federal aid and state reserves to close a major deficit without tax hikes and bolsters funds for cities and towns.

Gov. Ned Lamont holds a press briefing at the Community Health Center in New Britain to highlight CHC’s walk-up COVID-19 testing site and to encourage continued testing, June 18, 2020.
Cloe Poisson /

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont addresses issues related to COVID-19 and vaccinations. Are the people most at risk getting the shots? What should the state do to ensure that people of color and people without much money have a fair chance of getting vaccinated?

The Governor unveils his budget February 10. Can fellow Democrats make good on calls to shift some of the tax burden off lower-income and middle class working people, if the governor opposes tax increases on the wealthy to make up for lost revenue?

Lamont Put A Quiet Freeze On New Judges. It’s About To Thaw.

Feb 1, 2021
Gov. Ned Lamont makes point at a press conference outside the Capitol in October.
Mark Pazniokas /

Gov. Ned Lamont, who has demonstrated little interest in the political nuances, benefits and occasional hazards entailed in appointing judges, is preparing to make his first class of nominations to a trial court system that has an unprecedented number of vacancies.

Clergy To Lamont: Earn Our Support By Tackling School Segregation

Dec 18, 2020
Rev. Trevor Beauford, pastor of Union Baptist Church, holds up a Bible during a rally in front of Hartford City Hall this summer. Union Baptist is a member of Faith Acts for Education.
Cloe Poisson /

Clergy from Connecticut’s three largest cities reminded Gov. Ned Lamont last week that he needs their support to win re-election, and they challenged him to earn it by tackling the “racist and classist” way the state funds the struggling, segregated schools in their neighborhoods.

Consensus Building For COVID Aid To Connecticut Restaurants

Dec 16, 2020
Last summer, Sammy Bajraktarevic (right), owner of Luce Restaurant in Middletown, and server Alex Cirikovic set up socially distanced tables for a dining area in the restaurant’s parking lot as part of reopening amid the pandemic..
Cloe Poisson /

With the restaurant industry desperate for help, Gov. Ned Lamont told a business audience Wednesday that his administration is planning at least $25 million more in COVID-19 aid for small businesses in addition to the $50 million in grants now being processed.

Lamont To Leverage $55M In Federal Aid To Assist Poor Unemployed

Dec 4, 2020
Gov. Ned Lamont
Mark Pazniokas /

Gov. Ned Lamont announced an expansion Friday of unemployment eligibility rules expected to channel more than $1,800 this winter to each of about 38,000 residents, most of whom lost low-paying jobs.

By spending $7.5 million from the state unemployment trust — which is already in debt — to slightly boost state benefits to those residents, Connecticut could leverage $55 million in additional federal benefits for its jobless.

Analysts: Lamont, Lawmakers Face $4.3 Billion Gap In Next Two-Year State Budget

Nov 20, 2020
Gov. Ned Lamont (right) and Democratic legislative leaders announcing their budget deal in 2019, Lamont’s first year in office.
Mark Pazniokas /

State officials are facing almost $4.3 billion in red ink in the next two-year budget, due largely to the coronavirus-induced recession, according to a new report Friday from nonpartisan analysts.

Those deficits, while daunting, are significantly less imposing than the massive shortfalls Connecticut faced after the last recession in 2011 — gaps that forced a record-setting tax hike of nearly $1.9 billion nine years ago.

Frankie Graziano / Connecticut Public Radio

The holiday season is coming up, but Coronavirus cases are on the rise. This hour, we check in with Governor Ned Lamont. Many of us want to see our families, but is that the best thing to do for our state and our health?

Many of Connecticut's surrounding states have been placed on Connecticut’s travel advisory list. And Connecticut's own positivity rate is rising.

Governor Takes A Bow For Students Logging On. Data Doesn’t Back It Up

Oct 8, 2020
Gov. Lamont during a visit to New Britain High School. Students listen to him both in-person (foreground) and online (on the screen overhead).
Jacqueline Rabe Thomas /

One month into the school year, Gov. Ned Lamont says online education during the pandemic is a success, noting that students are showing up for their virtual classes.

Connecticut Offers Trump Thoughts, Prayers And Criticism

Oct 2, 2020
The masks stayed on Friday when Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and Gov. Ned Lamont got to the microphone.
Mark Pazniokas /

Gov. Ned Lamont reacted cautiously Friday from both a political and public health standpoint to President Donald J. Trump having COVID-19, news that brought uncertainty to the presidential campaign and spasms of sympathy, snark and schadenfreude.

Cloe Poisson / CT Mirror

Health experts around the world recognized early in the COVID-19 pandemic that older people were most at risk of becoming seriously ill and dying from the new coronavirus.

But despite those early findings, thousands of Connecticut residents in long-term care facilities have died. 

Lamont’s Plan To Close $2B Deficit Could Be To Tap CT’s $3B Rainy Day Fund

Oct 1, 2020
File photo of Gov. Ned Lamont and his budget adviser, Melissa McCaw. Both met with the Senate Republicans.
Mark Pazniokas /

Gov. Ned Lamont owes legislators a plan Thursday to close a whopping $2 billion budget deficit.

DAVE WURTZEL / Connecticut Public

Friends and families of Connecticut’s nursing home residents are now allowed to make indoor, in-person visits under new guidelines from state officials. 

Joe Amon / Connecticut Public

As the weather gets colder and more students go back to school, what do the next steps in reopening Connecticut look like? Will Connecticut need to even scale back reopening? This hour, Governor Lamont calls into the show to answer our questions and yours.  

Nicole Leonard / Connecticut Public Radio

The former commissioner of the state Department of Public Health is firing back over her May termination ahead of an impending report this month on Connecticut’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two months after Gov. Ned Lamont announced her dismissal, Renée Coleman-Mitchell said in a written statement released late Monday night by the law office of Eric R. Brown that she was going to “set the record straight in my own words.” 

Ryan Lindsay / Connecticut Public Radio

Gov. Ned Lamont Thursday continued his tour of towns throughout the state recovering from Tropical Storm Isaias, as residents tried their best to make do without power.


May 20th marked the first phase of Re-open Connecticut. What conditions will need to be met before Phase 2 starts on June 20th? This hour, Governor Ned Lamont calls in to talk about what Phase 2 will look like. 

Ryan Caron King / Connecticut Public Radio

Last month, the Connecticut Department of Labor received more than 300,000 unemployment claims. Last week, Governor Ned Lamont announced the formation of a multi-state council to get people back to work and restore the economy.

This hour, we’re speaking with Governor Lamont to understand just what this means. What will easing COVID-19 restrictions look like?

Later, we will hear from the Connecticut Department of Labor Deputy Commissioner Daryle Dudzinski on how those claims are being processed. 

We want to hear from you. What questions do you have for Governor Lamont, and Commissioner Daryle Dudzinski?

Ryan Caron King / Connecticut Public Radio

This hour, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is calling in to give us the latest on the state’s response to coronavirus

Joe Amon / Connecticut Public Radio

State officials in Hartford Friday said they want to expand coronavirus testing “dramatically” in the next couple days and weeks.  

Gov. Ned Lamont said this will cover more people who need to be tested or treated quickly. 

Mounds Succeeds Drajewicz As Lamont's Chief Of Staff

Feb 28, 2020
Ryan Drajewicz with Gov. Ned Lamont as they announce Drajewicz's exit as chief of staff.
Mark Pazniokas /

One of Gov. Ned Lamont’s highest-profile recruits from the private sector, Ryan Drajewicz, is leaving the administration after 13 months as the governor’s chief of staff, a long-rumored departure resulting in a reshuffling of two other appointees, Paul Mounds and Josh Geballe.