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Medical Providers Are Taking Nature Therapy Seriously

Feb 22, 2021
Meghan Casey, left, a nursing and public health student at Yale, and Amanda E. DeCew, an advanced practice registered nurse in pediatrics at Fair Haven Community Health Care in New Haven, go for a lunchtime walk along Quinnipiac River Trail.
Melanie Stengel

Schools were closed and online learning was in full swing last March when a teenager and her mom arrived at Fair Haven Community Health Care in New Haven. 

The girl had been experiencing chest pains and her worried mother thought she should go to the emergency room, recalled Amanda DeCew, a Fair Haven clinic director and pediatric nurse.

John Kees / Wikimedia Commons

During this pandemic, most of the day our eyes are glued to our screens as we continue to work from home. This hour, we challenge you to look outside as we talk about bird watching in our state! 

Sales of bird feeders and bird seed have skyrocketed this year. If you are one of the many people that have picked up birding, look out for cardinals and woodpeckers!