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Hartford Police (screen grab)

A video featuring a police encounter with a Black person -- this time a Hartford woman -- is again highlighting the tense relationship between law enforcement and the communities it serves.

Police Chief Armando “A.J.” Perez speaks during an interview at the Police Training Academy, in Bridgeport, Conn. April 29, 2019.
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Federal authorities arrested Bridgeport's police chief and personnel director Thursday, charging them with fraud and making false statements.

Joe Amon / Connecticut Public

Hartford’s city council voted down a resolution to suspend its police chief Monday night, the same day the mayor cited the chief for a crash in a city vehicle.

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Despite protests from community members and a proposal from two of its members to cut $9.6 million from the police budget, the Hartford city council voted Wednesday night for a $2 million reduction and reallocation of police funds. 

Hartford Continues To Protest The Killing Of George Floyd

Jun 1, 2020
Connecticut State Police Trooper Maurice (who declined to give his first name) kneels with Abimbola Oretade on his left and David Walker on the right during the Self-Defense Brigade Anti-Oppression Rally for George Floyd that shut down I-84 in Hartford Mo
Joe Amon / Connecticut Public/NENC

The group of protesters started marching through the streets of Hartford around 2 p.m. and wouldn’t stop until more than five hours later. When they spread out across I-84 near downtown Hartford, stopping traffic, they had one request for state police.

domestic violence shelter t-shirts
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A nonprofit that houses victims of domestic violence is faced with a need it characterized as “relentless.” That need comes at a time when the potential for abuse increases with families staying at home to combat the spread of coronavirus.

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The town of Wethersfield will step up public surveillance in 2020 by installing cameras at several traffic locations. But the enhanced law enforcement is alarming to people who have criticized the way Wethersfield’s police department operates.

A Hartford police lieutenant is going to court against the operator of a blog critical of Hartford politicians and members of the police department. The case raises issues of freedom of speech and responsibility for that speech.