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Competing For The Barn

Aug 9, 2011
Chion Wolf

The Coventry Regional Farmer’s Market has been named one of three finalists in a national competition for the best farmer’s market in the country. It’s competing with markets in Michigan and New Jersey. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports the state’s Agricultural Commissioner is urging residents to cast a vote for Coventry.

J Holt

If you imagine a summer camp based on a farm, kids learning about crops and barnyard animals probably come to mind. But profit margins and business plans? Not likely at the top of the list. WNPR’s J Holt brings us a story of one farm taking camp in a new direction.

Griswold Farm To Showcase Research

Jun 15, 2011

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station is hosting an open house on Thursday at its research farm in Griswold. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports scientists will showcase their work on forestry, farming and invasive species.

Army of Weevils Attack Invasives

Jun 15, 2011
Donna Ellis

The state is releasing thousands of weevils this week that feed on one of the most highly-invasive plants. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports.                 

Delivering From The Farm To The Kitchen

Jun 3, 2011
Nancy Eve Cohen

There’s been a growing demand for local food. But getting the food from the farm to consumers can take a lot of time and effort. WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports on one business that’s trying to fill that niche.

The restaurant at the Copper Beach Inn in Ivoryton has set a big goal for itself. 90% of the food it serves this summer will be local

“Potatoes, onions, salt, everything!”

Abundant Snow Makes for a Good Maple Syrup Year

May 27, 2011
Serri Graslie/WNPR

Abnormal snowfall this winter may have made the season a pain for many Connecticut residents, but it's shaping up to be a boon for local maple syrup producers. Aea farmers have sap flows they haven't seen in years. Ron Wenzel's sugar house is a little oasis each winter. "My wife calls this my man cave; I'm up here for 10, 12 days," he says.

On the Lookout for a Tree-Eating Invasive

May 19, 2011
takomabibelot, Flickr Creative Commons

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive insect from Asia that has killed more than 50 million ash trees in the U.S. in the past decade. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is setting more than 60,000 traps in 48 states, including Connecticut, to look for the beetle. 

Environmental Groups Attack Governor’s 'Plan B'

May 12, 2011

While Governor Malloy continues to negotiate with state employee 
unions for $2 billion in concessions, his budget chief has come up
with a contingency plan to balance the budget. It’s known as “Plan B”.

As WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports, Plan B proposes cutting more than 20% 
of the new Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the 
entire staff at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Photo Courtesy Cricket Hill Garden

Cricket Hill Garden in Thomaston, Connecticut is one of the only farms in the country cultivating a rare perennial variety ... the Chinese tree peony. As part of WNPR's Small Business Project, Andrew Huston spoke with members of the family who run the garden about their plans to improve the business.

In the coming weeks, the woody shrubs lining Cricket Hill Garden’s woodland terraced garden will burst with large, fragrant, colorful blossoms.

Chion Wolf

Because we're live from Billings Forge in the Frog Hollow section of Hartford today, let's take the opportunity to talk about cities and why some of us love them.

Small towns are great, and suburbs have their purpose. But one of the ideas of a city is the notion that intelligence and creativity can collect in little pockets.

Somers Greenhouse Powers Up With Wood

Apr 21, 2011
Nancy Eve Cohen.

Officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture gathered at a wholesale greenhouse in Connecticut, today to celebrate a federal program that funds  energy projects.  WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports.

Farm Together Now

Mar 4, 2011
creative commons, gardener41

Looking for Places to Sell Local Wine

Mar 1, 2011
Chion Wolf

Connecticut farms that make and bottle their own wine are looking for more venues to showcase their products. Some package stores oppose two proposals that would give farmers more places to sell bottled wine.

Snow Damages Farm Buildings, Some Animals Killed

Feb 9, 2011
Diane Miller

Bringing Farmers and Chefs to the Table

Feb 1, 2011
Nancy Eve Cohen

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture convened a meeting today to introduce farmers to chefs looking for local food. As WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports the agency held a kind of “speed dating” exercise to bring people together.

“30 seconds left! 30 seconds left!”

A clang of a cow-bell moves the participants from table to table. About two thirds are from restaurants, hospitals and food distributors. One third are harvesters and farmers, like Alysson Angelini from Jones Family Farms.

Winter Markets Help Northeast Farmers Survive

Jan 31, 2011
Nancy Eve Cohen

Farmers markets have seen huge growth in the past three decades. They give consumers access to local food, sometimes at a lower price. And farmers can sell without a middleman getting a cut.

Now, some markets now run through the entire winter. As part of a collaboration of Northeast stations WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports the number of winter-long markets have doubled, tripled... even quadrupled in some states.