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Where We Live
Where We Live is a call-in talk show about who we are in Connecticut and our place in the world.
The Colin McEnroe Show
"The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately," said Thomas Paine. The Colin McEnroe Show endeavors to prove Paine correct, every weekday.
The Wheelhouse
Connecticut's best journalists come out of the political trenches every Wednesday to join us on WNPR's weekly news roundtable The Wheelhouse.
Faith Middleton Food Schmooze
Get ideas for easy cooking and healthful living every week.
Our weekly show is about all of New England, America's oldest place, at a time of change.
The Second First Season
The Second First Season takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Double-A baseball team on a year-long do-over. Jonathan McNicol tells the story of the Hartford Yard Goats' second season -- their first season in a new city, their first season in a new ballpark, and their first season playing home games.
The Radius Project
Radius is about what happens when we explore the edges, paths, and landmarks of a city — and meet our neighbors. Through sound and image, we’re seeking out stories not far from some routes you might already know. Come along with us as WNPR maps Hartford, Connecticut in a new way.
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