Why Aren't We Talking About Diabetes? | Connecticut Public Radio

Why Aren't We Talking About Diabetes?

Apr 5, 2021

10% of Americans are living with diabetes. Are you one of them? Managing a chronic illness can already be difficult, but managing it during a pandemic can be nearly impossible.

This hour, we talk about the stigma and challenges that come with a diabetes diagnosis. We talk to Connecticut Public health care reporter Nicole Leonard, and physicians across our state to discuss this illness and what can be done to prevent diabetes. Type II Diabetes is closely linked to obesity, but there are several factors that can put someone at risk for diabetes beyond a person’s weight.

We want to hear from you. Do you or someone in your family have diabetes? What has it been like managing it during a pandemic?


  • Nicole Leonard - health care reporter with Connecticut Public (@ACPressNLeonard)
  • Dr. Laura Nally - physician at Yale Pediatric Diabetes Center (@drnallypants)
  • Dr. Melissa Pensa - clinical lead of health equity at Fair Haven Community Health Care in New Haven
  • Mari Montosa - Registered Nurse and Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator at Fair Haven Community Health Care in New Haven

Cat Pastor contributed to this show which originally aired December 3, 2020.