Who Is Paying For Coronavirus Testing? | Connecticut Public Radio

Who Is Paying For Coronavirus Testing?

Jul 20, 2020

Governor Lamont promised free coronavirus testing for all Connecticut residents who want one. This hour, who’s footing the bill for coronavirus testing and how much does it really cost? Connecticut Public Reporter Patrick Skahill joins us to talk about his reporting on this.

Later, how do University of Connecticut students feel about returning to college in the fall?  A University professor and psychologist tells us what she learned after holding a focus group with students---their questions, concerns and their ideas for having a successful campus reopening. 

And later, we hear how the Hartford History Center at the Hartford Public Library is working to update the traditional historical narrative of the capital city.


  • Patrick Skahill - reporter for Connecticut Public Radio (@ptskahill)
  • Sherry Pagoto - Professor in the department of allied health sciences and clinical psychologist (@DrSherryPagoto)
  • Jasmin Agosto - Education and Community Outreach Manager, Hartford History Center at Hartford Public Library (@sageseeker) (@HPLCT)