Where We Vote: Susan Bysiewicz

Jul 20, 2011

Susan Bysiewicz is hoping to turn her name recognition and long political career in Connecticut into a spot in the US Senate. 

Bysiewicz was Connecticut’s popular Secretary of the State, when she decided to give up that job to run for Governor.  Then, in the first round of the bizarre political shakeup of 2010, she left that race while in the lead to run for the Attorney General’s job, being vacated by now Senator Richard Blumenthal.

A court ruling took her out of that race - and she faced 2011 as someone out of a job in politics...until she decided to make a run for the other Senate seat, being vacated by Joe Lieberman.

Today, where we live, we’ll talk with Susan Bysiewicz about what is now a three-way race for the Democratic nomination...and about her views on the debt ceiling and foreign policy.