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When Home Is Where The Lead Is

Mar 7, 2017

Get the lead out -- at least, that's what Connecticut renters Rosie Gallant and Adam Golka hoped to do after discovering the toxin in their Woodstock home. This hour, we hear their story and find out how repeated lead exposure has impacted the health of their infant daughter. 

Plus: "Disruption!" at The Bushnell. We preview this week's Connecticut Forum with featured guest Anjali Kumar.


  • Rosie Gallant - Woodstock, Connecticut resident and parent
  • Adam Golka - Woodstock, Connecticut resident and parent
  • Lynette Swanson - Senior Registered Sanitarian with the Northeast District Department of Health
  • Dr. Patricia Garcia - Physician at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and co-director of the Hartford Regional Lead Treatment Center
  • Christopher Corcoran - Program Manager of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s Healthy Homes Program
  • Anjali Kumar - Author, advisor, attorney, and acupuncturist; former Google executive and former Founding General Counsel and Head of Social Innovation at Warby Parker

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Chion Wolf contributed to this show.