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The Wheelhouse: What Would A Normal President Do?

Apr 15, 2020

Yet again, President Donald Trump draws attention to himself with his comments.  This time the president claims to have "total authority" over decisions to re-open businesses and schools.  But governors actually make those decisions on a state level during a major public health crisis like coronavirus.  The president also says he will cut US funding for the World Health Organization, in the middle of a pandemic.

Has a partisan divide emerged over steps Governor Ned Lamont has taken to slow the spread of coronavirus? GOP state lawmakers have spoken out against some of the Democratic leader’s emergency orders.

We will also talk about the damage done to state finances by COVID-19 and efforts to slow the virus' spread.

Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign and endorsed Joe Biden, but could Connecticut still have a presidential primary anyway?


  • Harriet Jones -- Connecticut Public Radio Managing Editor (@WNPRHarriet)
  • Keith Phaneuf -- State Budget reporter for the Connecticut Mirror (@CTMirrorKeith)
  • Colin McEnroe -- Host of The Colin McEnroe show, and a columnist at Hearst Connecticut. (@ColinMcEnroe)

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