The Wheelhouse: Previewing Election Day 2020 | Connecticut Public Radio

The Wheelhouse: Previewing Election Day 2020

Oct 28, 2020

It’s the final Wheelhouse before election day, and we’ve got a lot to talk about.  This hour, Colin McEnroe hosts as we look at the latest on the Presidential election where younger Americans are voting early in record numbers, and panelist Leah Wright-Rigueur says the GOP is flattering Black voters, while discouraging voter turnout

Also, how confident should we feel about absentee voting here in Connecticut? Why doesn't Connecticut have early voting? 

And as COVID positivity rates increase in our state, Halloween is looking a little different this year.  


  • Leah Wright-Rigueur -  Harry Truman Professor of American History at Brandeis University, Author of The Loneliness of the Black Republican  (@LeahRigueur
  • Kevin Rennie - Hartford Courant Columnist and former state lawmaker, co-host of Face The State on WFSB Channel 3 (@DailyRuctions)
  • Russell Blair - Content Editor at the Hartford Courant (@RussellBlairCT)