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The Wheelhouse: The Porcupine's Quills Come Out

Apr 13, 2016

As a sitting governor running for re-election in 2014, Dannel Malloy gave himself a nickname on Where We Live.

"You don't have to love me," said Malloy. "I'm a porcupine." The public is being reminded of Malloy's prickly side as he moves forwards with state employee layoffs. This hour, our weekly news roundtable The Wheelhouse discusses the jobs cuts and what impact they will have on the state's residents.

Meanwhile, some money is starting to come into Connecticut from presidential candidates as they start to air television spots and open local offices ahead of the April 26 primary. Will the influx of money and campaigning influence your vote? 

Also, how much money do you think Connecticut's lawmakers should make?


  • Colin McEnroe - Host of The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR
  • David Collins - Columnist for The Day of New London
  • Suzanne Bates - Director of Policy at the Yankee Institute for Public Policy

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John Dankosky and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.