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The Wheelhouse: Legal Weed And The Pursuit Of Racial Justice

Apr 10, 2019

The state's desperation for new revenue is certainly fueling this year's push to legalize marijuana.

But for many Democrats in the legislature, a larger goal is addressing racial injustices created by a crackdown on illegal drugs that has inordinately targeted non-whites.

A bill surviving a key vote this week ties legalization to the expungement of criminal records for those convicted of minor cannabis possesion. Now the debate shifts to whether taxes raised by legal sales should be specifically directed to urban communities most impacted by the War on Drugs.

Speaking of new revenue, Connecticut's wealthiest couple is contributing $100 million to help at-risk youth stay in school. But that too is creating a tug of war between cities and towns.

This week, we get into the weeds in these battles, as well as why Ned Lamont is backing off on some of his budget proposals, such as his bid to adjust cost-of-living increases for retired state employees.

And, could Hartford be in the running to host one of next year's presidential debates?


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