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The Wheelhouse: Inauguration Edition

Jan 7, 2015

It’s inauguration day in Connecticut! And it’s also Wednesday...and that means The Wheelhouse, our weekly news roundtable. How convenient is that?

Governor Dannel Malloy begins his second term leading Connecticut with a day filled with pomp, circumstance and speeches. It also means the start of a new legislative session, one that will be dominated by a new, two-year budget. We won’t see details of Malloy’s plan for the budget until next month, but suffice it to say, it will have to address a projected deficit of about $1.3 billion.

So, what’s on the table to fill that hole? It looks like tolls on Connecticut highways might be back in play.

And speaking of highways, the governor is pledging to take on the massive challenge of rebuilding the state’s crumbling infrastructure.

We talk to state capital reporters about what to expect, and we also consider a complicated case that’s heading to the state supreme court - it’s about a minor who’s rejected treatment for her cancer.

Also, a local brewer's beer has caused a bit of an international incident.


  • Mark Pazniokas - Capital bureau chief for The Connecticut Mirror
  • Keith Phaneuf - Budget reporter for The Connecticut Mirror
  • Dan Klau - Counsel at McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, blogs at Appealingly Brief 
  • Brian Dowling - Manufacturing and energy reporter for The Hartford Courant

  Tucker Ives and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.