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The Wheelhouse: Democratic Presidential Debate Wrap-Up

Oct 16, 2019

Last night’s 12-person Democratic presidential debate proved a few things:

1. That’s too many people on stage.
2. Elizabeth Warren has become both the front-runner and the target of most of her colleagues.
3. Warren is proving to be a bit harder to attack than former front-runner, Joe Biden.

This hour, we consider what happened on stage in Ohio, amid an impeachment inquiry and worsening situation in Syria. We also look at how Democrats are seemingly all in agreement on one thing: gun control.

Also, state Democrats and Republicans are exchanging words over social media posts and a controversial speaker, but they may be talking a bit more productively over the issue of tolls.


  • Colin McEnroe - host of WNPR’s Colin McEnroe Show (@colinmcenroe)
  • Dan Haar - associate editor and columnist on business and the intersection of politics and economics at Hearst CT Media (@DanHaarColumns)
  • Daniela Altimari - Statehouse reporter at the Hartford Courant (@capitolwatch)

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