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The Wheelhouse: A Deep Dive Into The State Budget

Jun 5, 2019

With more than 24 hours to spare, the legislature's Democratic majorities on Tuesday evening delivered a two-year state budget to Gov. Ned Lamont. It doesn't raise income taxes on the rich, or deplete Connecticut's rainy day fund.

So then, just how does the $43.4 billion plan add up? And how were enough lawmakers brought on board to get it across the finish line?

Today, we dive deep into the budget to get those answers, and address Republican critics' concerns over "pork barrel" spending.

We also look at two curious budget line items. One specifically benefits one of Connecticut's insurance giants. The other exempts the board overeeing a public-private partnership between the state and Connecticut's wealthiest couple from open government and ethics laws. 

And we check out former Gov. Dannel Malloy's latest endeavor: overhauling higher education as chancellor at the University of Maine.


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Correction: During the initial broadcast of this show, Harriet Jones stated that the board overseeing the Dalio donation to Connecticut Public Schools would seat only Democrats. This is not correct. The board will include the minority leaders from the legislature. The recording of the show has been edited to remove the error.