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What's In a Title?

Oct 6, 2015

The opening credits of your favorite movies and television shows set the mood, tone, and characters for what's to come, and allow you to relax and get ready for the show. Some fast-forward through the opening credits to avoid distraction from the main performance. Others say title sequences are supposed to be more like a score: felt, but not noticed. 

The film industry first fell in love with titles in the 1950s, when iconic opening sequences from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo and Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone were etched deep in our memories. The opening notes are still recognizable half a century later. The same can be said for the well-known HBO series Game of Thrones

A surge in design technology is bringing prestige to the art of title design, making it increasingly accessible. Once used primarily in film, elaborate title sequences now lead television shows, video games, and a smattering of e-books.  


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Colin McEnroe, Jonathan McNicol,  Chion Wolf, and Greg Hill contributed to this show.