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What's Next for Republicans?

Nov 5, 2014

Senator Mitch McConnell
Credit Donkey Hotey / Creative Commons

There are so many plots and subplots emanating from yesterday.

Republicans had a good night around the country. They extended their control in the U.S. House of Representatives and took control of the U.S. Senate. It was one of the worst blows dealt to a mid-term administration since World War II,  putting President Obama in the company of Richard Nixon in 1974 and Bill Clinton in 1994.

Here is Connecticut, we may be having a come to Jesus moment about our highly fragmented way of running elections and counting votes. For two gubernatorial cycles we've been national laughing stocks because of ridiculous problems in our cities. In each case, the political parties wound up in court arguing about an extension of voting hours for the troubled district. And, as of midday today, there are still plenty of towns which for no apparent reason have not reported their results.

So, that'll be on the menu today. But, we're also analyzing the results we do have with Lowell Weicker, Margaret Carlson and others.  

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