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What's Up With Connecticut's Election System?

Nov 14, 2018

We’re still finding out results from last Tuesday’s elections in Connecticut and that’s not surprising, really. Some of the races were just really close. That’s probably a good thing.

Another good thing: Lots of people showing up to vote. Gigantic numbers showing up to vote in a midterm election in Connecticut and just about everywhere.

The bad thing: We still can’t seem to get this election thing right at least in our cities.

This hour, we look at possible fixes.

One election change being floated by a Republican who dipped her toe in the governor’s race: an open primary to help her party, which got fairly well spanked statewide. It’s a defeat another former gubernatorial candidate said requires a “political enema.” Ouch.

And later, does Amazon’s split decision on an HQ2 tell us anything more about big-money deals to lure or keep jobs?

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Lydia Brown and Catie Talarski contributed to this show.