What You Need To Know About K2

Aug 20, 2018

New Haven, Connecticut was the site of more than 100 overdoses last week -- drawing national attention to the city and to a synthetic drug known as K2.

But what exactly is this drug? And how did it wind up in the hands of so many here in Connecticut? This hour, an addiction psychiatrist from Silver Hill Hospital joins us to answer our questions.

Plus: The gypsy moth caterpillar has wreaked havoc on Connecticut's trees -- in some cases, necessitating their removal, which can come at a steep price. We sit down with State Forester Chris Martin to assess the extent of the invasive species' impact and talk about what lies ahead for the state's forested lands.

And finally: A fifth donor milk depot is slated to open in Connecticut next week. We learn more about the location and consider how donated milk benefits babies -- especially those born prematurely. 

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Wilton Bulletin: Exploring six emerging drugs of abuse - “Dr. Douglas said synthetic cannabinoids -- which are sprayed onto a wide variety of plant matter -- are a ‘really interesting category’ that he thinks ‘everyone should be aware of right now.’”

Norwich Bulletin: After years of caterpillar attacks, 'the trees are dying' - "After about three years of drought, which lasted from 2015 through 2017, and annual defoliation caused by the voracious appetites of gypsy moth caterpillars, officials say they’re seeing more and more trees, particularly oaks, that have been unable to recover."

The Connecticut Mirror: First human milk depot to open in Greater Hartford this month - "Donating breast milk is not only beneficial for the infants, but rewarding for the women with over supplies and for those who have lost a child during birth or shortly after."

Chion Wolf contributed to this show.