What Is Happening To The America Of Our Ideals

Jul 2, 2018

America has never been able to fully measure up to the ideals we embody. Yet, we could reasonably believe that we at least aspired to those ideals of equality, opportunity, and civility.  Today, we can no longer deny that those in power care little about the people they govern. 

In the last weeks, The Supreme Court upheld president Trump's travel ban, weakened labor unions, said pregnancy crisis centers didn't have to tell women abortion was an option, supported voter purges, and said companies can use arbitration clauses to prohibit employees from filing class-action lawsuits. 

Several of the rulings overturned precedent. 

Congress and the Supreme Court have abdicated their responsibilities in checking the power of the third - and equal - branch of government. This is not how democracy works.

Like today's guest, you may be feeling a deep sadness over what feels like an America that is changing in irreversible ways. Is there any way to come together?

We have one guest. Then, it's you and your calls. 

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Colin McEnroe and Jonathan McNicol contributed to this show


  • Lili Loofbourow - Writes about culture, gender and politics for Slate. She has written for several publications including The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, and The Los Angeles Review of Books. @Millicentsomer