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What Do You Mean, Coding?

Nov 4, 2013

Code education is being pushed by politicians, CEOs and basketball stars alike.
Credit Ben Simo / Creative Commons

Our schools teach a variety of foreign languages: Spanish, French, even Latin. But should we be focusing on the language of computer programming? Even NBA star Chris Bosh is asking everyone from young kids to the homeless to learn to code. Why aren’t we teaching it more? It seems like President Obama needs an army of coders to fix the glitchy HealthCare.gov website.

Are you a coders or programmer? What projects are you working on right now? How would you grade the job we're doing in training the next generation of coders?


  • Lon Seidman - Technology reporter who writes for CTTechJunkie.com
  • Mark Lassoff - Founder of LearnToProgram, which publishes online courses on computer programming especially for beginners
  • Brendan I. Koerner - Contributing Editor to Wired
  • Diana LeRoi-Schmidt - Art Director for both Cierant and CRIANA