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We've Been Snowverdosed

Feb 3, 2011

There's a kind of madness overtaking us.

When there's this much snow and ice, people get a little crazy.  It's not cabin fever. In fact, the problem is that you have to leave the cabin now and again and what's waiting for you out there isn't nice. Today we asked people to call in with any especially odd, amusing or heart-breaking stories about what the snow did to their lives. But even if nothing dramatic has happened so far, we're guessing your nerves are a little bit frayed. There's something about those huge walls of snow that freak us out. Have you also noticed how easily your principles are cast into the howling wind? I try to live in an environmentally conscious manner. But I've been dumping all kinds of chemicals on my ice. If you gave me some yellow cake uranium and told me it would work, I'd probably scatter it on my driveway.