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We're Broadcasting In Four-Part Harmony

Oct 8, 2019

We’re exploring the world of Barbershop Harmony; from its roots in the African American community to its influence in other genres, Barbershop is an important piece of the puzzle in the American music scene.

For many, Barbershop calls to mind old people, singing old songs - but ask any Barbershopper and they’ll tell you nothing can be further from the truth. For them, there is a youthful joy, a sense of family, a love for the music and the performance in a dynamic and empowering setting. And if you let them, they’ll gladly share it with you.

So sit back and enjoy the sounds of Barbershop. Hopefully, we’ll ring a few chords along the way.

Debora Timms produced this show.

Here's some links if you want to learn more about barbershopping:

Sweet Adelines International,  Barbershop Harmony Society and Harmony, Incorporated

Or get involved in the Connecticut area:

Women's Region 1  and  Men's Northeastern Division


  • David Wright - arranger/composer of vocal music, barbershop historian and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Statistics at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Karen Sweeters - Director, Harmony on the Sound Chorus and Bass in the Barbershop Quartet: Keyed Up!
  • Patti Lavernoich - Marketing Coordinator, Harmony on the Sound Chorus and Bass in the Barbershop Quartet: No Strings Attached
  • Lynda Kupson - “Barbershop brat” whose mother was a Sweet Adeline, she’s been singing barbershop for 40+ years
  • Annette Landry - among other things is a piano and voice teacher who's been singing barbershop for 30 years
  • Elaine Toaso - sings Lead  in the Barbershop Quartet: No Strings Attached
  • Sebastian Massa - Director, Hartford Men In Harmony and Lead in the Barbershop Quartet: Greenlight Quartet
  • Eric Halpern - Mild-mannered actuary by day and for the past 6 years, intrepid barbershopper by night
  • Duane Paul - Applications Lab Engineer with ebm-Papst in Farmington, he’s been singing barbershop for 15 years
  • Rick Anderson - Retired from Bank of America, he’s been singing barbershop 3 years after years of waiting to just sing

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Colin McEnroe, Betsy Kaplan and Chion Wolf contributed to the show.