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We Predict That The Amazing Kreskin Will Be on This Show

Sep 22, 2016

Colin's out today, and Julia Pistell returns as guest host. We devote the hour to two interesting guys and their interesting jobs.

We start with Rick Ring, the rare books librarian at Watkinson Library at Trinity College. He curates a 200,000-volume collection that includes a first edition of the King James Bible from 1611, an edition of Audubon's Birds of America that's worth $10 million, and a cuneiform tablet from 2200 BC.

And later in the hour: The Amazing Kreskin. You know him from, depending on how old you are, "The Mike Douglas Show" and "Dinah!" and Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show," or from late nights with David Letterman or Jimmy Fallon, or from his own TV shows from the 1970s. The 81-year-old mentalist kicks off a new tour next week in New York City.


  • The Amazing Kreskin - World famous mentalist
  • Rick Ring - Head curator at the Watkinson Library at Trinity College

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Julia Pistell, Catie Talarski, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.