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We Almost Lost Mary-Ann Tirone Smith

Oct 4, 2013

Why not let one of Connecticut's best-selling authors tell it in her own words?:

Imagine you are stopped at a traffic light on Rte. 1 waiting for a left-turn sign onto Short Beach Road in Branford in front of the Kohl's Shopping Center.  Just in front of you above your head you see the traffic light fall and come right at you, and at the last moment pull just enough to your left to crash to the road inches from your car followed by a slew of cables and wires slashing across your hood, roof and windows trapping you inside.  This followed by contractors and workers and the police officer on-site screaming at you not to move. 

That's how it went down, as they say, for Mary-Ann Tirone Smith who lives downstate and whose books -- ranging from the Hartford memoir "Girls of Tender Age" to her Poppy Rice mysteries to her Red Sox mysteries to her literary fiction make her one of the triple-threats of the book world. 

Mary-Ann, an old buddy, emailed me this morning with the story. Like any mystery novelist, she wants to know whodunit.

I will be contacting DOT once I have the police report and find out why it happened, who is responsible, and what must be done to see that such an egregious traffic accident never happens again.

She also made a point of thanking the cops, emergency workers and construction workers who extricated her. And even though she said she was very traumatized, she was headed to Fenway Park today for the first playoff game in which -- as I write this -- the Sox trail the Rays 2-0.